assisted living software for memory care

Memory Care Software

Person-centered care to improve quality of life

Complete software suite for independent, assisted, and other senior living settings

eMAR for assisted living tile

Reduce medication errors with safer med passing, enhanced oversight, and pharmacy connection. 

CRM for assisted living tile

Develop more leads and grow occupancy faster. Track referrals, campaigns, appointments, and tasks.

EHR and care plans for assisted living tile

EHR and Care Plans
Complete assessments, build care plans, and generate task lists automatically.

Billing for assisted living tile

Streamline revenue capture, track care level changes, build custom charge library, and manage invoice generation.

Assessment to care plan automation

Generate extensive care plan information that addresses each resident's specific needs with the robust assessment process. Use the pre-built templates, customize them, or build your own. The care planning engine will generate personalized care plans and daily task lists for each resident automatically based on assessment responses, reducing redundancy in documentation.


Assessment, Care Plan, and Daily Task List Workflow

Calculate and track level of care

Accurately determine an individual's level of care by completing a detailed assessment for each person to confirm you can provide proper care. Capture the revenue as soon as levels change. Easily share this information with families to keep them informed and up-to-date. 

Easily view key indicators and notifications

Resident key indicators keep all parties informed on critical information such as anticoagulant therapy, risks of wandering or falling, and dietary restrictions. This information is visible at all times from the home screen, but is also readily available in resident files and on face sheets.

Chart anywhere

Get your job done quickly and efficiently with ECP's Mobile App, even when you don't have a solid internet connection. The app is compatible on desktops, laptops, and tablets that have access to the Microsoft, Apple, and Google app stores.

Detailed tracking

ECP Behavior Tracking Tool


Document behaviors as they occur through the comprehensive incident report and behavior-related daily tasks. Gather data from these reports to receive insight and analyze trends in order to implement proper interventions.

ECP eMAR medication tracking


Our built-in comprehensive reports give you complete oversight of current prescriptions to analyze dosage considerations. Whether you're reviewing PRNs, controlled substances or psychotropic medications, auditing medications is pain free.

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Best-in-class support

ECP is supported by a 100% US-based, customer-first support team. Not only are they well-versed in our software, many have extensive experience in assisted living. Our support team's goal is to provide high-quality support to communities and partnered pharmacies. You can also explore our additional success resources including:
  • Online knowledge base
  • University training videos
  • Webinars
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