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Assisted Living Billing Software

The tool you need to capture all revenue.

ECP Billing pulls data directly from the EHR to ensure that no revenue — even à la carte charges — slips through the cracks. Level of care tracking helps avoid service creep and customizable reports make it simple to understand when it's time to have rate conversations. Whether billing is flat rate, or determined by level of care, care time provided, or individual services, pricing can be fully customized to invoice accurately.

Capture and update billing faster,
to generate more revenue

capture and update billing faster

Connection to ECP Clinical

Save time and prevent miscommunication between clinical and billing teams by capturing all charges and updates in real-time. Watch as level-of-care, rent, and apartment changes automatically flow from clinical to billing.

clinical to billing
quick precise invoicing

Quick, precise invoicing

ECP Billing provides you with everything you need for quick, precise invoicing. ECP incorporates recurring and à la carte items on invoices to ensure everything is being accounted for. Users can export invoicing information into their existing general ledger software and use out-of-the box reports to understand their community's financial health in real time. These reports can then be used in conjunction with your existing accounting software to make certain nothing is overlooked.

Build a customized library of charges

Effortlessly manage your resident invoices by creating customized charge templates that can be easily reused. Set up recurring charges, apply daily rates, and much more – all with a simple 'set it and forget it' approach.

build a customized library of charges
export invoices to your general ledger

Export to your general ledger with just a click

ECP Billing allows you to seamlessly connect with your general ledger by exporting invoicing information, capturing both recurring (level of care and apartment rent) and one-off charges.

Manage and track payments

Designed specifically for the unique needs of senior living billing, ECP has you covered for all aspects of accounting you may have. Easily input resident checks and ACH payments, monitor payment statuses and Accounts Receivable Days, and effortlessly follow up with residents with outstanding balances. Streamline your entire resident Accounts Receivable workflow within a single, efficient platform, saving time and ensuring smooth financial management. 

manage and track payments
ECP customer support

Best-in-class support

ECP is supported by a 100% US-based, customer-first support team. Not only are they well-versed in our software, many have extensive experience in assisted living. Our support team's goal is to provide high-quality support to communities and partnered pharmacies. You can also explore our additional success resources including:
  • Online knowledge base
  • University training videos
  • Webinars


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