Grow occupancy faster with ECP's innovative CRM

ECP CRM is your dedicated solution for efficient and effective assisted living marketing. Tailored to the unique needs of the industry, our software streamlines scheduling, enhances resident interactions, and simplifies follow-up processes. From organizing appointments, tours, and home visits to creating comprehensive resident profiles, ECP CRM empowers you to provide exceptional care and personalized experiences.

The value of CRM

CRM Value Assessment Workflow

Typical residents are assessed 3-4 times and have their level of care upgraded twice over a 22 month stay.

ECP’s automated assessments help communities have level of care conversations sooner and help level-of-care upgrades make it onto bills immediately.

Raising level of care one month sooner = an extra $90 per resident per month

Stay on top of communication

ECP CRM includes all of your daily essentials. Organize your schedule by creating tasks, appointments, tours, and home visits. After each encounter, create detailed profile information for every potential resident so you can pick up where you left off without missing a beat. Whether you're a dedicated marketing director or marketing is one of the many roles you have, ECP CRM is simple enough for anyone at any skill level to use.


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Identify leads that align with your goals 

Create lead ratings based on your communities specific criteria to ensure you're welcoming the individuals that fit in best. Set up detailed profiles for each individual while keeping couples as one lead. Identify specific needs by reviewing their qualifications and health history. 

Keep leads moving forward to occupancy

Our alerting system makes it easy to stay on top of tasks, even with a busy schedule. Build relationships with referrals and properly prepare for upcoming campaigns to maximize your efforts.

Connect seamlessly with ECP

From the moment someone sparks interest in your community to the day they move in, all correspondence is consolidated in one place. This allows senior living marketing and nursing staff to communicate easily while providing the best possible experience for your residents.

What our customers say

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ECP Customer support

Best-in-class support

ECP is supported by a 100% US-based, customer-first support team. Not only are they well-versed in our software, many have extensive experience in assisted living. Our support team's goal is to provide high-quality support to communities and partnered pharmacies. You can also explore our additional success resources including:
  • Online knowledge base
  • University training videos
  • Webinars


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