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Spend more time caring for residents

Improve quality of life with the industry's leading clinical software.



Improve med-passing workflows with the industry's leading electronic medication administration record (eMAR). Automatically connect to pharmacies in all 50 states. 

EHR and Care Plans

EHR and Care Plans

Complete assessments, build care plans, and generate task lists automatically. Enjoy happier residents, longer stays, and more accurate billing. 

Assisted Living professionals prefer ECP

4 to 1

Based on a survey of 1,000+ customers that have used multiple software solutions. 

Easy to use interface

ECP's clean and straightforward design gives you a clear view of each day's work load, keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding duplicate efforts. The simplicity makes ECP accessible to anyone, especially those who do not have a previous medical or technical background.


eMAR Medication Pass

Reduce med errors

ECP connects with over 500+ LTC pharmacies throughout the country. Having a direct connection with your pharmacy increases order accuracy and eliminates medication errors. With a simple review, meds flow from the pharmacy check-in to the med pass and MAR, keeping records precise and consistent.

Stay compliant

ECP provides state-compliant templates and reports for each license type. From controlled substance reviews to incident reports and investigations, you'll have all the tools needed to identify trends and minimize liability.

Efficient workflow

Our powerful all-inclusive assessment tool automatically generates detailed care plans and daily tasks. This not only saves you time, but also keeps staff up-to-date with each resident's needs. Use one of our built-in reports or create your own to capture your specific requirements.

Improve symptom and infection tracking

ECP has what you need to stay on top of residents' vaccines and monitor any symptoms or infections. Log them as they arise and use our reporting tools to identify trends and address any concerns.

Tracking helps communities collect data in real-time, making it easier to comply with regulations, notify residents and family members, and otherwise responsibly manage infections both during a pandemic, during other outbreaks, and during cold and flu season.
Incident Report

Improve outcomes with advanced incident reporting

From falls to behavior issues, ECP's incident report and investigation features provide a compliant and liability-minimizing tool for managing incidents. Reduce risk of litigation with better documentation and separate investigations.

ECP's built-in data analysis tools help you identify trends and prevent incidents before they happen. Are all of your falls happening on weekends? Get the insights you need to take action.
Use the many reports and audit tools to mitigate risk and compliance violations and improve clinical outcomes. 

What Our Customers Say

“In the midst of the pandemic, operations were changing at a rapid speed. We struggled to muddle through executive orders, and implement new policy and procedure to keep residents and staff safe. ECP rolled out a new feature to help users navigating and tracking symptoms, which was immensely helpful to have a proactive tool handed to us during the chaos. ECP tracking feature help our sites stay organized and provide clear documentation during a very difficult time.” 

Lauren G.
Director of Operations

Best in class support

ECP’s support staff is the best. Not only are they well-versed in our software, many have extensive experience in assisted living. We are ready to answer your pressing questions. You can also explore the helpful articles in our knowledge base and the videos in ECP University, to learn more at your own pace.

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