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eMAR and Care Plan software for IDD homes

Software built to improve the quality of care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Reduce medication errors with safer med passing, enhanced oversight, and pharmacy connection. 

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EHR and Care Plans
Complete assessments, build care plans, and generate task lists automatically.

Enhance the unique person-centered care you provide

Create personalized care plans that reflect each individuals' specific needs to provide person-centered care. These care plans give a complete overview of each person and their specific schedules including activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, and appointments. Statuses can be set and incorporated within these schedules, documenting where individuals are at a given time so all staff are aware.


EHR daily tasks list for person-centered care
IDD executive dashboard

Gain insight into your communities with the Executive Dashboard

View key metrics from across ECP in a single dashboard. With visibility into real-time and time-series data, patterns and trends are more evident at a community level, state level, or portfolio-wide.

  • Overdue meds and tasks
  • Meds administered late
  • No pass meds
  • Med errors
  • Move-ins and discharges
  • Total number of Incidents
  • Number of Incidents with Injury or requiring Hospitalization/ER
  • Number of Falls Within 30 days of Move-In

Track behaviors more thoroughly

Simply document behaviors as they occur though our incident report that includes fact-related questions for outlined answers. Each situation can then be thoroughly investigated to determine the root cause and develop a targeted response. Scheduled tasks, customized follow ups, and interventions can be incorporated in each individuals care plan to help prevent similar incidents from reoccurring.

ECP incident report
ECP to pharmacy integration

Integrate with your pharmacy

Guarantee accurate medical records with ease by getting familiar with each medication, reviewing all new orders and prescription updates, in real-time. ECP also automates refill requests, notifying the pharmacy before the quantity is too low to avoid running out of medications. Maintaining quality relationships with pharmacies has a direct effect on client health, and with ECP it’s never been easier.

pharmacy integration

Customize staff permissions

Replicate each employee’s workflow by granting various levels of access through each person’s unique login. If working at multiple locations, employees can simply toggle between each building they have access to, without having to log out and log back in with new credentials. With a simple click of a button an employee can be made inactive, restricting all their access to ease in staff turnover.

Administer meds with confidence

Receive a comprehensive medication overview, including details like scheduled times, directions, and side effects. Ensure safe handling of all medications - including complex orders like psychotropics and controlled substances - with the safe guards in place. Automated prompts eliminate guesswork, helping staff familiarize themselves with each unique order.

Quick behavior and health identifiers

Effortlessly identify individuals with certain behavior or health conditions, such as non-verbal communication or diabetic, with client key indicators, alerts, and notifications on the administration window.

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Best-in-class support

ECP is supported by a 100% US-based, customer-first support team. Not only are they well-versed in our software, many have extensive experience in assisted living. Our support team's goal is to provide high-quality support to communities and partnered pharmacies. You can also explore our additional success resources including:
  • Online knowledge base
  • University training videos
  • Webinars
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