Find answers to commonly asked questions.


Is ECP just an eMAR?

ECP is more than an eMAR. ECP offers EHR (Electronic Health Record) and Care Plans, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - marketing and lead tracking, and a Billing solution that captures all revenue. REQUEST DEMO

How do I log in?

In your web browser, navigate to https://secure.ecp123.com. Login with your provided company and employee login credentials. Reach out to your system administrator or ECP support if additional assistance is needed.

Does my staff need to have a medical or technical background?

Our easy-to-use interface makes training and onboarding quick and painless, even without prior experience. With one-on-one training and extensive resources in ECP University, staff can learn at their own pace to feel confident using new software.

Can using ECP help me save money?

Using ECP will save time and money, leading to improved efficiency, happier staff, and lower staff turnover. In addition, eliminate paper, reduce medication errors, and remain compliant by avoiding fines and violations.


What is an eMAR?

An eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) is the electronic version of a paper MAR. These software systems, often directly integrated with a pharmacy, provide accurate medication documentation in real-time. Advanced techniques can even include additional reminders and safeguards to eliminate errors and improve efficiency.

Does ECP interface with my pharmacy?

ECP is interfaced with 500+ pharmacies nationwide and integrates with over 20+ pharmacy software vendors. Using one of the few pharmacies we're not already connected to? Let us know and we'll reach out and get connected. 

Pharmacy software vendors: Computer-Rx / WinRx, DigitalRX, FrameworkLTC by SoftWriters, GuardianRX by Guardian Pharmacy, OmnicareDX, Omnicare Oasis, Pharmaserv by McKesson, Pharmerica, PioneerRx, PrimeRx by Micro Merchant Systems, PROscript 2000 LTC by Prodigy Data Systems, Inc., QS/1 PrimeCare, QuickSCRIP / QuickRX by Cost Effective, RNA Helix, Rx30 Pharmacy Management System, SRS Pharmacy Systems, SuiteRx.

Can I work with multiple pharmacies in ECP?

ECP ensures the flexibility communities require to connect and work with multiple pharmacies.

Will an eMAR help me remain compliant?

Yes. An eMAR will eliminate medication errors and help you remain compliant. ECP integrates directly with pharmacies, ensuring medications are accurate and up-to-date. In addition, our automated rules engine prompts for specific responses that relate to individual medications, so they are handled correctly.

Will an eMAR help increase staff efficiency and time management?

ECP streamlines workflows by giving caregivers and support staff a clear overview of what they need to complete for each shift. Our easy-to-use cloud-based system records are easily accessible, organized, and kept in a single location. Easy-to-use means charting is faster, leading to improved efficiency, happier staff, and lower staff turnover.

What reporting options are available?

ECP provides extensive reporting tools, including psychotropic reviews, controlled substances, medication destruction and return logs, discontinued medication reports, medication refusals, and more.


Can I chart on a tablet or phone?

Charting is easy on ECP mobile app, even if you don't always have the most reliable internet connection. You can chart meds, cares, and more when you're offline without resorting to inconvenient paper backups. Download the app through your device's app store.

What is an EHR?

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of someone's paper chart. In addition to including residents' personal health information, an EHR can also be used for tracking and documenting residents' care. As a result, a quality EHR will reduce costs through decreased paperwork, improved safety, and enhanced quality of care.

Will an EHR help me remain compliant?

Yes. ECP helps you remain compliant in all 50 US States with out-of-the-box reporting for the compliance needs of each state and license type. In addition, you can create custom assessments, reports, daily tasks, and reminders to reduce your risk and ensure you're following proper guidelines. 

Does ECP EHR have state specific reports?

ECP provides standardized state-required forms within specific templates tailored to different states and license types, making surveyor visits and audits a painless process. Standardized state-required forms can be built in ECP to print just how they need to be submitted. Set up alerts to remind you when the next assessment or report is due according to regulation.


Is ECP EHR customizable?

ECP offers extensive customization of assessments, reports, care plans, and more to ensure your specific needs are met.

Will an EHR help increase staff efficiency and time management?

Our quick and easy interface will allow staff to spend less time charting and more time caring. Complete assessments, build care plans and generate task lists automatically. Alerts and notifications automatically create a list showing which tasks are upcoming, due now, or overdue. Use the Daily Tasks Quick View to filter the task lists by shift, status, or individual.

Does ECP's EHR include a report for tracking incidents?

Yes. Easily log incidents within ECP and complete investigations. ECP's built-in data analysis tools help you identify trends and prevent incidents before they happen. Incident report and investigation features provide a compliant and liability-minimizing tool for managing incidents from falls to behaviors.


What is a CRM?

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is a system that encompasses the process of generating, maintaining, and strengthening quality business relationships. ECP CRM helps develop more prospects and grow occupancy faster. Maximize your time and efforts with the innovative marketing and lead tracking tool that incorporates essential tools for Assisted Living marketers. Keep track of referrals, campaigns, appointments, and tasks.

Can I track referrals?

ECP CRM provides extensive referral tracking, so you know exactly where your residents are coming from. Schedule tasks and appointments to stay in contact and maintain these important relationships. Referrals can also be associated with campaigns or events to document their involvement.

Does it integrate with the other parts of ECP?

All ECP products fully integrate to streamline information and keep staff on the same page. Complete assessments and review medications before move-in dates so everything is ready when your new resident arrives.


What is the Billing module?

ECP Billing pulls data directly from the EHR to ensure that no revenue — even single cares and ala carte charges — slips through the cracks. Level of care tracking avoids service creep and customizable reports make it simple to understand when it's time to have rate conversations. Whether billing is a flat rate or determined by level of care, care time provided, or individual services, pricing can be fully customized to invoice accurately.

How do I send invoices to Billing Contacts?

Whether traditional mail or email is preferred, ECP Billing allows you to connect with each payer seamlessly. Choose to print or instantly distribute invoices with a simple click of a button.

Can I charge/track al a carte items?

Beautician service, guest meal, an extra load of laundry, whatever it might be, individual charges can be added to an invoice as the items are charted on.

How do I actually charge residents using ECP Billing?

We are currently building out integrations but plan to support ACH and credit cards. Users can also document receipt of cash or check.

Can I use ECP Billing as my accounting solution?

ECP Billing supports some financial reporting, such as revenue reports and accounts receivable aging. We are also currently evaluating building out integrations to accounting solutions such as Quickbooks Online and Netsuite.

Is information shared between ECP and Billing?

Yes. As care staff document people moving in or out of the building, individual service charges, or level of care updates, that information is shared directly to the billing module, guaranteeing all invoices are accurate and up-to-date.


Will we receive training?

ECP offers an unlimited amount of training to accommodate staff turnover or any pharmacy-related updates. Get help every step of the way with your dedicated pharmacy specialist. As you're working with existing and new communities, ECP will be hands-on throughout the go-live process and data push, all while providing ongoing support.

Is my pharmacy compatible with ECP?

ECP is in over 2,000 long-term care communities across the country and interfaces with all major pharmacy management software vendors. Our dedicated implementation team makes it easy to get started connecting with communities.

Pharmacy software vendors: Computer-Rx / WinRx, DigitalRX, Foundation Systems (FSI), FrameworkLTC by SoftWriters, GuardianRX by Guardian Pharmacy, Liberty Software, OmnicareDX, Omnicare Oasis, Pharmaserv by McKesson, Pharmerica, PioneerRx, PrimeRx by Micro Merchant Systems, PROscript 2000 LTC by Prodigy Data Systems, Inc., QS/1 PrimeCare, QuickSCRIP / QuickRX by Cost Effective, RNA Helix, Rx30 Pharmacy Management System, SRS Pharmacy Systems, SuiteRx.

How do medications get into ECP?

ECP connects directly with your pharmacy, which allows for increased order accuracy and the elimination of medication errors. With a simple review, meds flow from the pharmacy check-in to the med pass and MAR, keeping records precise and consistent.

Can the community communicate with us through ECP?

Yes. Communities can submit refill requests and med-related concerns to your pharmacy via fax, email, or directly into your pharmacy software. Pharmacies can also receive additional updates regarding resident status changes or when communities manually adjust medication orders.

What kind of information gets sent to ECP?

ECP receives resident profile information along with new orders, medication changes, dispenses, and discontinue requests.

How do I benefit from this connection?

Having a direct pharmacy interface allows pharmacies to maintain communication with each community they service effortlessly. This helps avoid unnecessary med deliveries and supplies communities with costly, error-prone paper MARs.


Do I need a specific computer or hardware device?

No. ECP is platform-independent so you can use your favorite desktop, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

Do I need to download or install anything?

Since ECP is cloud-based, you can visit https://secure.ecp123.com/login/ to log in and start using the program. If you're using ECP's Mobile App, it must be downloaded and installed on the device of your choice from either the Apple, Android, or Microsoft app store.

Do I need to have high-speed internet?

ECP web does require a high-speed internet connection. However, our mobile app offers offline charting if you don't always have the most reliable internet connection.

Do I need to use a specific web browser?

Use the browser of your choice, whether that's Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or any other you prefer.