Customer Spotlight: Koru Health

Focus on Responsive Support and User-Friendly System

About the Organization


Organization Name:

Koru Health


Main Contributor:

Melissa Miller
Director of Operations

Organization Type:

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Organization Description: 

At Koru Health, they believe senior health and lifestyle should be met with the same joy, energy, and optimism as any other period in life. They hold the same belief for healthcare employment. At Koru Health, efforts are focused on providing a welcoming environment that one can call home while offering quality service that makes a positive impact on the lives of our residents and employees.


Issues faced prior to using ECP were things such as other programs not being user-friendly within our industry. Additionally, other issues would be long lag times for responses from other health record companies. ECP is responsive to our needs and provides a user – friendly system that makes it easy to implement and easy to use.

Solution from ECP

ECP was very responsive to our [industry] concerns and issues we needed to have addressed. ECP representatives were always able to get back to us and resolve our concerns in 24 hours or less.

time to first action

Positive outcomes were achieved with ECP, as it provided us with quick turnaround times to ensure all of our communities were trained and using all of ECP's functions in a very short amount of time. I also appreciated the follow-up from ECP after we were up and running to ensure that things were going smoothly.


"There is no other system on the market offering what ECP can do. Not only did ECP help us implement a great product, the customer service they offer is incomparable."

Melissa Miller, Director of Operations