Customer Spotlight: The Cottages Senior Living

Enhancing Efficiency and Accessibility with ECP

About the Organization

The Cottages Senior Living & Memory Care

Organization Name:

The Cottages Senior Living and Memory Care


Main Contributor:

Tom Kosman
Executive Director

Organization Type:

Assisted Living

Organization Description: 

The Cottages believes in a resident’s right to choose regardless of one’s physical condition or circumstance. Each Tenant deserves a right to privacy, respect, and confidentiality and each tenant has the right to expect professional care. A person’s total well-being is the primary focus of the care provided by The Cottages.


We used paper charting prior to ECP. The obvious challenge was being able to access documentation, we could not do that without being on site. Also everything was handwritten which was very cumbersome and time consuming.

Solution from ECP

I can login from anywhere to access information and having 3 different locations/communities; this is very beneficial! ECP has so many templates that care plans go much quicker and having the electronic communication with our pharmacies makes medication orders/changes much easier and quicker to stay on top of in terms of accuracy.

More complete charts/records, ability to access information much quicker and easier; increase efficiency with care planning and medication orders.
Todd Kosman, Executive Director, The Cottages Senior Living and Memory Care
"We love ECP! The platform is very easy for everyone to use and the information, as well as the access to it, is fast and easy as well. ECP has a great customer support team that knows the system through and through and is always available to provide any help asked. Would recommend ECP as a platform for anyone in long term care!"

Tom Kosman, Executive Director